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NOTE:  I just activated this blog site today.  When I logged onto, I was taken immediately to my control page, initially shown to me "" followed by a long string of letters and numbers -- no unique password, no protection.  After I wrote about this anomaly on my Facebook page (which is also shown to me as "" followed by a long string of letters and numbers), the site suddenly became "" and the long string of letters and numbers were "disappeared" -- or should I say indefinitely detained? And yet when I tried to sign up for Google AdSense so I can attempt to monetize my journalism, I received a message that "cookies must be enabled in your browser."  I have been unable to sign up for AdSense, despite repeated attempts and re-checks of my cookie settings.  Obviously, cookies are enabled, or I wouldn't be taken automaticallly to a LOCKHEED MARTIN CENSORSHIP REGIME SPOOFED PAGE THAT ENABLES FASCIST CENSORSHIP AND MALICIOUS TAMPERING WITH MY WORK.  I have been denied the right to earn a living for EIGHT years -- and this Lockheed Martin/U.S. government censorship and torture matrix is responsible for my professional sabotage and my electromagnetic torture and impairment.  I will be publishing here the full chapter and verse of how I have been censored in real time today by this government-funded Lockheed Martin censorship regime, which I first exposed here:



The full text of "We Have the Watch," a blog declaration by NORAD/USNORTHCOM Commanding Gen. Charles H. Jacoby Jr:

Former President John F. Kennedy once said, "Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction." Recently, I had the privilege of holding a forum here in Colorado Springs with our subordinate, component, region and supporting commanders to discuss a vision for the commands, and to review the missions and priorities for both NORAD and USNORTHCOM. I shared my vision of how we might improve in the days and weeks ahead, and the priorities we must embrace in what will undoubtedly be a challenging and exciting future.

To set a course forward, we established a new vision that reads: With our trusted partners, we will defend North America by outpacing all threats, maintaining faith with our people and supporting them in their times of greatest need. “WE HAVE THE WATCH.”

We reviewed the missions of our commands and we all agreed that, in large part, our mission statements accurately reflect what we do each and every day. And, while we left the NORAD mission statement alone, we did modify the USNORTHCOM mission statement slightly by adding the word "partners" to better reflect the importance of our mission partners in all that we do. The new USNORTHCOM mission reads, “The United States Northern Command partners to conduct homeland defense, civil support, and security cooperation to defend and secure the United States and its interests.”

The commands’ focus areas are only slightly changed. We remain focused on counter-terrorism and force protection, countering transnational criminal organizations, defense support of civil authorities, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear consequence management, aerospace warning and control, maritime warning, missile defense, and the arctic. In addition to these focus areas, I have established five strategic priorities for our commands that will increase our effectiveness when responding to our nations’ needs.

* Expand and strengthen our trusted partnerships

* Advance and sustain the binational military command

* Gain and maintain all-domain situational awareness (emphasis added)

* Advocate and develop capabilities in our core mission areas to outpace all threats

* Take care of our people; they are our foundation

Our commands’ missions are a no-fail sacred trust of the Canadian and U.S. people. We will never forget that the most important thing we do in our two commands is to defend against those who mean us harm, regardless of whether they are nation states, extremists, or transnational criminals. It’s the "why" behind our efforts each and every day.

In the last 100 days, I have personally witnessed the professionalism of the NORAD and USNORTHCOM team and their dedicated efforts and courage in meeting challenges such as the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and Hurricane Irene. I have witnessed our commitment and competence across a wide array of missions with numerous partners. And, while we have performed superbly, let's take the purpose and direction derived from this commanders’ off-site and strive to better ourselves in service to our nations’ citizens.

Comment from veteran mainstream media journalist Vic Livingston, who first exposed U.S. Homeland-military-intel covert electromagnetic attacks on American citizens deemed to be "dissidents" or undesirables:

Wonder what FBI Director Robert Mueller and Homeland Security Sec. Janet Napolitano, among other domestic federal law enforcement officials, have to say about this pronouncement from the head of the NORAD/USNORTHCOM Joint Command?

Guess it's now official: The U.S. military, via NORAD/USNORTHCOM, has taken over the streets of America. And apparently, Canada, too.
If anyone other than operatives of the Lockheed Martin/USG censorship regime see this, please make it viral, before I'm shipped off to the Fort Dix detention center...

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Anonymous said...

I was able to see this, I don't think the people messn with me are LockheedMartin though it might be Narda......

Vic Livingston said...

Lockheed Martin holds the primary cyber "security" contracts for powerful U.S. agencies and commands. Considering that I've exposed the world's largest defense contractor as the operational electromagnetic torturer and cyber censor of America, they certainly have the motive, the means and the opportunity to silence me -- and to prevent me from earning a living by fraudulently blocking me from signing up for Google AdSense. If they are "just following orders," then they're copping the Nazi plea, and it won't work. They will pay, one way or another -- under the rule of law that they so willfullingly ignore.

Vic Livingston said...


Received an apparent sadistic taunt today in the email -- an alleged solicitation from "Roughneck Pest Control." Is this from the same party or parties responsible for introducing pests into our police protected community terrorist- invaded home? Here's the text of the solicitation:

"This holiday season you were surprised by a slew of unexpected guests that continue to lurk in your attic, floorboards, and other hard-to-reach places. We're not referring to Crazy Aunt Cathy, we're talking about bugs. But you needn't worry if you snag today's deal from Roughneck Pest Control: Pay $63 (a $190 value) for up to 3,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor pest control services. Conveniently located on Roundwood Lane in Bucks County, Roughneck Pest Control provides professional service from skilled and experienced exterminators. With their help, you can terminate unwanted creepy crawlers, which includes fleas and small rodents. Leave the dirty work to the pros with today's deal and kick your uninvited guests to the curb once and for all."

Roundwood Lane? Is someone brazenly boasting here? How did this company know that we've got a pest problem? Apparently run by a former Marine... on a crusade, perhaps? From "" business listing:

"Mr. William 'Bill' Bethel an Iraqi War Veteran started his career as a pest control technician after he was honorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps in 2004. Over the next couple of years he worked for several local and national pest control companies. During this time Mr. Bethel not only learned how to treat for pests, but more importantly how to treat his customers. Believing that there was room for improvement in the area of customer service, Mr. Bethel was motivated to develop both his technical skills as well as those for customer service and management. That motivation was the start of the creation of Roughneck Pest Control in 2010. In a relatively short span of time, Roughneck Pest Control has grown from a two person operation to six dedicated professionals in 8 short months, with the primary goal to provide quality pest control techniques, coupled with an outstanding customer service experience."

Again, how did this company know we've got a pest problem? What's the source of their "intelligence"?

Vic Livingston said...

I note with interest that the HTML links I provided above are not active, despite the fact that blogspot specifically states that it accepts live HTML links in its comments sections. More censorship via fraud and deception?


Vic Livingston said...

ELECTROMAGNETIC TORTURE REPORT Thu Dec 29 @2:19am LOCKHEED MARTIN OPERATIVES MOUNT SAVAGE EARLY AM BRAIN ATTACK ON JOURNALIST W/U.S. CELL TOWER RADIO FREQUENCY DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON SYSTEM (U.S. Patent 7629918, Raytheon). Now, skull, scalp literally burning up, ears crimson red, ears ringing, numbness down left side, from intense RF/microwave attack in apparent response to internet postings calling out Lockheed Martin censorship, malicious tampering with telecommunications. Earlier this evening, I tripped on the front lawn but did not hit my head or even fall hard; war criminal sociopath operatives may try to use minor fall as a pretext to mount disabling electromagnetic weapon attack; history teaches that anything that these monsters think is plausibly deniable, they will try to get away with. HELP. THEY ARE TRYING TO PERMANENTLY DISABLE/IMPAIR ME AS THEY DID BETWEEN 2004-08.

Vic Livingston said...

Now the cyberNazi censors of Lockheed Martin are blocking the display of comments on my new blog site at http://​ I am taken to an obviously spoofed, fake page that is not part of the viclivingston.blogspot website, but is a page with this suspicious URL:​comment.g?blogID=14708736692410​89194&postID=10525037775727970​53 It is apparent that this is a COUNTERFEIT page, unviewable to the general audience. THIS IS INFORMATION FASCISM. What truths am I telling that would compel these fascist censors to banish the display of comments on my blog site? I am working on a full article detailing chapter and verse the multiple instances of censorship via fraud and deception that I've experienced in the past 24 hours while trying to establish this new blog site. And to make matters worse, now I am getting a "captcha" box with barely decipherable words before I can post anything here. It just keeps getting worse, a sign of a Homeland-military-intel silent coup that is depriving Americans of their constitutional and God-given rights.
Just checked again 7 minutes later, and now the comments magically appear. Cat and mouse. I seriously doubt anyone other than Lockheed Martin cyberNazis and their constitution-disrespecting​ USG overlords see everything I publish, when I publish it. Only when I call them out to they relent -- or are they just making it LOOK like they are easing the censorship? THIS IS THE FACE OF AMERICAN FASCISM, ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, AND CRIMINAL.​u-s-govt-censors-internet-polit​ical-speech-fraud-deception

Vic Livingston said...

Who is "" and why are there six page views to​, a site that's been up for only a few hours? It seems highly plausible that someone from Lockheed Martin and/or its USG overlords is responsible for using this Ukrainian front website, which also has pornographic images on it. I AM BEING TARGETED FOR ANNIHILATION BY SOME VERY NASTY PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

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