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“The Obama administration expresses its outrage over ‘piss-gate’ and scapegoats a few Marines when they are literally caught with their pants down, while U.S. officials knowingly -- and criminally, in my opinion -- cover up domestic crimes against humanity, electromagnetic assaults on thousands of American citizens targeted under false pretenses.”  

The veteran journalist who first exposed the nationwide deployment of a U.S. cell tower- mounted microwave radiation weapon system he says is being used to silently assault, torture and harm Americans extra-legally classified as “dissidents” or undesirables accuses to top military and Obama administration officials of “criminal hypocrisy” for condemning  Marines who urinated on slain Taliban fighters in Afghanistan while “this government knowingly covers up domestic crimes against humanity camouflaged as high-tech surveillance.”

Vic Livingston broke the story on what he describes as “America’s top-secret extrajudicial electromagnetic torture matrix” two years ago on  He has since followed up with other exposes of what he describes as a fusion center- based Gestapo that systematically persecutes, physically and psychologically harms and financially sabotages so-called “targeted individuals” and their families, and conducts warrantless surveillance and censorship of their telecommunications.

Said Livingston:

“Secretary of Defense (Leon) Panetta has rightfully termed the desecration of the slain Afghans as “utterly deplorable,” and Secretary of State (Hillary) Clinton went even further, saying that ‘(A)nyone, anyone, found to have participated or known about it, having engaged in such conduct, must be held fully accountable.’

“By those standards, senior White House and homeland, military and intelligence officials who know about covert, silent electromagnetic assaults on American citizens must be held fully accountable for what rise to the level of crimes against humanity, on par with the war crimes of Nazi Germany in terms of scope and sheer depravity.

“The Obama administration expresses its outrage over ‘piss-gate’ and scapegoats a few Marines when they are literally caught with their pants down, while U.S. officials knowingly -- and criminally, in my opinion -- cover up domestic crimes against humanity, electromagnetic assaults on American citizens targeted under false pretenses.”

According to Livingston’s reporting, thousands of Americans are being assaulted with harmful radio frequencies that induce a range of painful and debilitating health effects, from the infliction of pain and suffering to neurological impairment, mood changes, fatigue, forced sleep or forced wakefulness, even stroke, heart attack and onset of physical injury and disease, such as muscular disease and cancer.  Livingston calls it “a slow-kill American genocide” administered by “ideologues and hate mongers within the Homeland-military-intelligence complex who use the war on terror as a pretext to  wage a covert war on  American citizens they have extrajudicially condemned for reasons of politics, prejudice and hatred, or, in some cases, just to settle personal scores.”

Livingston said he has personally informed what he terms “close personal associates of persons at the pinnacle of executive power” of his reporting, and maintains that “there is no way they are not fully aware of how this publicly patented offensive weapon system is being misrepresented as surveillance, and is being used to torture, subjugate and harm American citizens.” 

The suburban Philadelphia- based journalist also said he has made repeated visits to the Philadelphia office of the FBI to plead for a formal investigation into what he terms “military contractor and government crimes against humanity as well as serial violations of Americans’ constitutional rights.”  

The journalist said that while he is unaware of any such investigation, “I know for a fact that good people of conscience in government at all levels are as concerned as I am about this descent into Nazi-like fascism – and they are slowly but surely taking steps to bring to justice those in the public and private sectors who have abused power to destroy American lives and livelihoods, helping to bring down our economy, and making a mockery of American values and the rule of law.”

SEE VIC LIVINGSTON’S REPORTING AT: (click on calendar links, right column) (see main links above bio), where Livingston says he has been assigned “a number, not a name, apparently by a fascist Lockheed Martin- administered U.S. government censorship regime that censors and often tampers with telecommunications in real-time.”

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• Multi-agency fusion center- directed, police-protected community "policing" thugs stalk, terrorize, home-invade their targets -- including the journalist who has exposed the electromagnetic radio frequency neuroweapon "torture towers" being used to silently assault, torture, impair and harm extrajudicially "targeted individuals." 

• Rule of law breakdown in counties nationwide -- and no law enforcement agency will come to the aid of the unjustly targeted.

  Lockheed Martin, #1 cyber contractor to U.S. government, administers nationwide grid of "torture towers," coordinates communications, "black ops" of community policing vigilante goon squads  -- covert domestic crimes against humanity.


Law enforcement, security and intelligence agencies and commands at all levels of American government oversee of a nationwide campaign of extrajudicial targeting, persecution and high-tech, electromagnetic silent torture -- an American slow-kill genocide.
The Gestapo-like mechanism that is committing serial crimes against humanity and the Constitution: the 72 regional "fusion centers" administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The fusion center "partners" include federal, state and local law enforcement, security, intelligence and revenue agencies, as well as security-related private companies, including telecommunications companies, defense contractors, and financial institutions.

The fusion center Gestapo comprises America's shadow government, an iron-fisted, centralized apparatus of social and political control, a calculated bypass of elected officials and the courts that arrogantly acts as judge, jury and executioner -- an authoritarian regime that makes a mockery of the Constitution and the rule of law.
This fusion center Gestapo is engaged in an inhumane criminal enterprise under the cover of national security and law enforcement. Its structure and tactics echo the efficient, centralized fascism of Nazi Germany. It is directed by a cultish security elite that has quietly usurped power from the nation's elected lawmakers and judiciary -- a federal bureaucrat- directed but grassroots- based American junta.

The fusion center Gestapo, by deliberate calculation, uses the wars on terror, crime and drugs as the pretext, the cover story, for what amounts to a slow-kill genocide -- a hate- and ideology-driven silent holocaust directed at persons and entire families it unilaterally and extrajudicially condemns as unworthy of the rights supposedly guaranteed to all Americans under the U.S. Constitution.

The "targets" are untold thousands of citizens, and by extension, their families, who, without benefit of due process under the law, are regarded by faceless bureaucrats in federal and local agencies and commands as dissidents, undesirables, or "enemies of the state."

As in Nazi Germany, journalists, intellectuals, ethnic minorities and homosexuals are among its prime targets. And it only takes someone in a position of authority within the vast fusion center ambit to set into motion the process that results in a citizen's designation as a "T.I." -- a targeted individual unjustly condemned to an often foreshortened life of torment, personal and financial sabotage, and physical torture and impairment inflicted by a covert celltower-mounted electromagnetic radio frequency directed energy neuroweapon system deployed nationwide  -- a slow-kill American genocide:

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Politics, ethnic background, and prejudice factor heavily in the decision to extra-legally ruin lives and rip families apart by consigning "targets" to what security and military insiders have labeled "the torture matrix."

The American Gestapo torture matrix is comprised of four main components:


The extra-legally targeted person first realizes that he or she has been "thrown into the matrix" when their careers and personal lives take a sudden downturn, accompanied by whispered slanders and lies generated by the entity that first targeted them. A relentless campaign of character assassination, often conducted by persons unknown to the target, often results in sudden job loss, as employers are discreetly informed that their previously prized worker is now a "person of interest" to law enforcement. Strained family relations often follow as the slanders reach spouses and other relations. The character assassination is accompanied by financial sabotage -- identity theft, stolen checks and important documents, often leading to financial loss, unfavorable credit terms and inflated balances on fabricated, counterfeited credit card and utility billing statements.
It soon becomes clear to the target that even the local bank or merchant, or at least some of their employees, are in on the expropriation scheme. Targets are treated rudely, with open contempt, by local businesspeople and even by previously friendly neighbors, who likely have been told lies about them by members of the "matrix" -- also widely known as "the program."


By this time, all of the targets' communications -- by telecommunications or in the supposed privacy of their own homes -- are under constant surveillance, and often ideologically-driven censorship...
... by fusion center network "information systems" defense contractors, whose pervasive warrantless surveillance facilitates the community-based domestic terrorism that is soon to follow -- "organized stalking," commonly referred to as "gang stalking." These terms are euphemisms for fusion center- coordinated persecution that often hides behind seemingly respectable, government-funded community policing, town watch, and citizen volunteer organizations such as Infragard, C.O.P.S., USA On Watch and Citizen Corps. 

If the target does not already have a GPS-equipped vehicle, making it ready for warrantless tracking, a GPS beacon often is planted on the vehicle. The target's cellphone also is used for tracking -- and even targeting for silent electromagnetic celltower radio frequency neuroweapon attack (more on that later).

Squadrons of vehicle stalkers, often affiliated with town watch or community policing groups, relentlessly follow and often tailgate targets as they come into range of their own GPS units; the federally funded RISSNET network apparently supplies the stalker units with the targets' GPS locations, often by way of local police departments who lord over the government-enabled vigilantes. Some of the stalkers may weave menacingly in the vicinity of the T.I.'s vehicle -- or even try to cause an accident. Police may find the target at fault, or even may charge the stalking victim with a traffic violation, or a crime (including, ironically, a charge of "stalking"), should they complain.

Community stalkers often parade by the target's home or conduct "noise campaigns" on nearby streets, or when persecution victims venture out onto the road -- often with the assistance of local firefighters and emergency medical technicians. Local police sometimes participate in this cruel harassment, which includes the phoning in of false alarms in the vicinity of the target -- a drain on taxpayer-funded public safety resources.


Targets also find themselves the victims of serial incidents of surreptitious home entry; harassing phone calls; vandalism of appliances or major systems such as heating and cooling; even sadistic acts such as poisoning of food and water with foul tasting and hazardous chemicals, and the tearing and staining of clothing, rugs and furnishings. Such acts of criminal depravity often occur as the target and his family is sound asleep -- and unlikely to awaken, due to silent radio frequency weapon attack. (Again, more on that in a moment.)

The extralegally targeted also find they no longer can expect good service, whether it's in-home repair, at the local retailer, or at the auto service shop. They often find their vehicles mechanically or cosmetically vandalized, causing added expense, and a possible danger to vehicle occupants -- or to other motorists driving nearby.

The stark fact is that this government-spawned torture matrix has created a subculture of sadism and cruel depravity. Those wondering why "bullying" has become endemic in our communities need look no further than the local fusion center- affiliated community "watch" Gestapo. Indeed, fusion center- affiliated agencies sponsor weekend retreats for "program" members, where, it has been reported, bullying and harassment methods and tactics are carefully taught.

Want to know who's doing this locally, where you live? Ask a neighbor for the name of the local "block captain." Then ask him or her whether "community watch" sometimes turns into community-based harassment and acts of malicious vandalism and psychological torment. See if the answer satisfies you after reading this article and the accompanying linked material.

This "death by a thousand cuts" -- the stalking, the character assassination and community "shunning," the financial sabotage, the home intrusions, the vandalism -- is expressly designed to wreak psychological damage on targeted persons, to deconstruct their lives and their personalities, erode their self-confidence and their ability to earn a living, destroy their family and social relations -- to neutralize them.

These are the same cruel tactics practiced by authoritarian regimes past and present, from the Nazis to the Communist Chinese.

In hopes of using law enforcement and the health care system as instruments of social neutralization, community vigilante stalkers engage their targets in elaborate set-ups and stunts directed and scripted by their "team leaders." This "street theater" is intended to unnerve their prey and provoke a response. If the target reacts with often justifiable irritation or anger, other stalkers are there as "witnesses," should the encounter attract the attention of law enforcement -- whose officers already may have been tipped off to the attempted entrapment. It has happened to me repeatedly over the past seven years, as in a contrived confrontation that led to my assault, false arrest and false imprisonment by Falls Township, Bucks County, PA police. (A charge of "misdemeanor stalking" -- what was being done to me at the time -- was summarily dismissed at a court hearing when police failed to produce a complainant.)

But relatively few street theater scenarios involve law enforcement. Most times, the play-acting is done out of sadistic, petty spite:


The "psychological operations" conducted against targeted persons pale in terms of sheer bestiality when compared to the "final solution" engineered into the fusion center Gestapo plan: silent high-tech torture, impairment, induction of fatigue, stroke, aneurysms, heart attack or other injury and disease -- a slow-kill homicide -- by means of covert electromagnetic attack.

The covert irradiation of unknowing citizens is facilitated by a U.S. government microwave radio frequency "directed energy" weapon system installed on cell tower masts nationwide -- and capable of the precision-targeting of unique individuals -- or entire populations.  Some call it a "Virtual Auschwitz."

The existence of these weapons of mass or personal destruction in every neighborhood and along every highway in America was first revealed in December 2009 by this journalist, who himself continues to be a victim of these heinous attacks:

Nearly eight years of electromagnetic attack have caused serious damage to my physical well-being, including chronic pain; weakened musculature and stamina; chronic fatigue; degraded eyesight and hearing; fibrous tumors; and other physical maladies too disturbing to mention here. 

Hospitals and medical facilities in my region, and probably yours, are thoroughly infiltrated by the community stalker brigades; I've been subject to sadistic treatment, even to what I believe were harmful procedures such as unnecessary multiple X-rays and even a CAT scan that caused pain -- and my outcry elicited a sadistic remark from the technician. This happened at a well-respected central New Jersey hospital center.

When I retrieved the X-ray, I found the name of another person on the actual film, under a sticky label upon which my name had been typed. So I was not surprised when a doctor informed me in 2004, the year I became aware of my targeting, that the X-ray revealed an "aging brain." I didn't dare tell her that I believed the X-ray belonged to someone else; if I had, she would have bought the line that I was delusional -- just what certain entities may have wanted her to conclude.

I was only 54 years old at the time. I believe I was being set up by unknown authorities seeking to declare me incompetent -- a felonious, fraudulent scheme if there ever was one. Perhaps that explains why another patient's name was on the film. Since no authority will come to my aid, and because it is unlikely that I could have found an attorney to file a lawsuit on a contingency basis absent physical damage arising from the procedure, I just let it drop -- and haven't written about it until today.


So how, readers may ask, can such a nationwide horror escape the attention of the public, and the news media? The answer is simple. It is the same answer to the question as to how the Jews and other oppressed people of pre-war Germany could not fathom the holocaust that was about to consume their livelihoods and their lives:
The belief that "it can't happen here."

Americans, listen to this veteran journalist and victim of the American Gestapo:

It can. It has. It must be stopped.

Now. Not tomorrow. Today.

Please -- contact your elected representatives, your local media. Send them this article. MAKE IT VIRAL.

The underpinnings of American society, respect for human and civil rights and the rule of law, are very much in jeopardy.

For this aging journalist, the American dream already has died.

But it is not too late for a resurrection. Not just for me -- for all of us, the unjustly, extrajudically targeted, and the NEXT to be unjustly targeted.

Which could be YOU. Or someone you care about. So...