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This veteran journalist's computer-generated Federal income tax forms, derived from a CD while the computer was off-line, were clearly sabotaged by either a remote radio frequency intrusion technology or, although the possibility seems remote, a malicious "switchout" of the store-bought program via the planting on my premises of a counterfeit copy that contained malware.

Given my extensive writings about the wireless surveillance and "no-touch torture" capabilities of the cell tower radio frequency weapon system that's been deployed everywhere in America, I strongly suspect that those forces out to neutralize me and my journalism were responsible for what I considered to be an act of terrorism:  the imprinting of the letters "KIA,"  a common acronym for "killed in action," on almost every page of the return.

I printed out tax returns early Monday morning, April 15th, from H & R Block At Home tax preparation software (or so I thought).  As the photos graphically demonstrate,  the letters "KIA" appeared at the bottom of nearly every page of the printout.

"KIA" stands for only one thing:   "KILLED IN ACTION."   The acronym does not belong on a Federal tax form.

My payment voucher contained a cryptic addendum -- four numbers after "KIA."  The numerals: "1-0-1-7."

I immediately Googled the two terms and the link in the first picture below came up, noting the number of "VC" (Viet Cong) killed in the U.S. Marine Corps "Operation Allen Brook" in Southen Quang Nam province.  

The exact notation online: 

4 May-24 August 1968 

1st Marine Division operation in southern Quang Nam Province

VC NVA KIA's: 1,017

U.S.KIA's: 240

Primary Sources:

Good Hunting


"MR" apparently stands for "Mad Russian" -- the moderator of a web chat board on Vietnam that can be found where I found the link in the first picture. "Operation Allen Brook" as noted above took place from May 4 to August 24, 1968.

This journalist's birthday falls on a day that is within the time frame of the dates listed.

Other postings on the "Mad Russian" website refer to OTHER Vietnam operations, and give the dates and names of those operations in precisely the same format as the posting above -- complete with the "Good Hunting" sign-off by "MR".

Then I discovered that the day and date on my digital camera, with which I took the original set of photos I posted here, had been changed to a date in 2012 that is highly significant to my personal history -- a date that happens to fall between the time span of "Operation Allen Brook" -- between May 4th and August 24th.


Are members of my generation who received college deferments and did not serve in Vietnam now being targeted by rogue elements?

It sounds awfully far-fetched, but that theory has been espoused for years on the internet by a man named Marshall Thomas, who describes this vendetta as "Operation New Phoenix" -- a rogue military veteran terrorist operation that he claims is targeting American men who did not serve in Vietnam. 

Monarch: The New Phoenix Program

I, myself, have been the recipient of "tough talk" in the comments sections of my internet blogs deposited by persons demanding to know why I did not serve in the Armed Forces during the Vietnam era.  The fact that these "commenters" KNEW that I was not a veteran is highly significant, I believe, and evidence that Marshall Thomas may have been on the right track.

UPDATE:  Biographical information listed on the website identifies "Mad Russian" as Steve Overton of Odessa TX. He is described as the site's co-founder.  (A city in Russia is also named "Odessa" -- a likely source of Overton's nickname.) An internet "people finder" site lists the age of a "Steven R. Oveton" of Odessa TX as 63.  A Facebook page containing personal biographical information that appears to match data published on the WarAndTactics website lists Overton's employer as Energy Broadband Inc. of League City, TX, near Midland,  a supplier of cellular communications services.  The Facebook page identifies Overton as the company's regional sales manager. Overton's languages are listed as English and German, and under "books" there is the notation, "military history."

The WarAndTacticswebsite indicates that Overton served as a combat engineer in the U.S. Marine Corps, with service in Germany from 1974-77.  Postings on the website indicates that after his military service, Overton became a video game designer and founded the Historic Scenario Design Group, a designer of war- and battle-themed video games. 

Does the mysterious "KIA 1017" found on my Federal income tax printout, or the website of the "Mad Russian," have anything remotely to do with what happened in Boston later in the day on Monday, April 15th?  As mentioned, the terrorist event certainly serves as a distraction...


A "black op" targeting men who did not serve in the military during the Vietnam era also could be a "false flag"  -- a psychological operation (psyop) by elements within the security cult looking for a scapegoat as firm evidence of electromagnetic attacks and community-based persecution known as "gangstalking" continues to emerge. 

Because of the "full lid" on my communications, there is no chance that I could reach Marshall Thomas or Steve Overton by telephone or by any other reliable means.   Indeed, "Marshall Thomas" and/or "Steve Overton" may be pawns -- patsies being used as a tool of a psychological operation that seeks to blame "domestic terrorism" on rogue elements within the military, not as the product of genocidal programs and policies knowingly approved by higher-ups.


Now on to my article about pervasive censoring and malicious tampering with this journalist's ability to do his job:

The real-time cyber-censors of the Lockheed Martin/USG censorship regime, exposed in a series of my articles (see links below), continue to sabotage my ability to make full use of my equipment and software -- even to perform simple tasks such as printing a document written on my computer. 

The systematic sabotage and malicious tampering with this veteran mainstream journalist's computing and my ability to use electronics equipment and telecommunications began nearly ten years ago when I first released that I was being targeted by a covert government program intended to "neutralize" alleged "dissidents" or persons deemed by the agencies and commands of the nationwide fusion center network to be "undesirables" or potential criminals.  Many of these "targeted individuals" are persecuted for reasons of ideology and hatred under the cover of programs supposedly dedicated to fighting the war on terrorism.

This malicious psyop (psychological operation) continues to this day, sabotaging my ability to earn a living as a journalist and to communicate with others. It also amounts to psychological harassment, if not torture. Years of conclusive empirical evidence indicate that this journalist is subject to 24/7 real-time surveillance and overt tampering and manipulation of my telecommunications and electronics equipment, even with I am not connected to the internet (via the radio frequency intrusion capabilities of the cell tower electromagnetic radio frequency weapon system deployed nationwide, and exposed by this reporter more than three years ago).  This "virtual Auschwitz" grid, hiding in plain sight on cell towers everywhere, is the instrument of silent assault, torture and infliction of harm upon untold thousands of American citizens  -- most of whom have no idea what's causing their anguish and physical and mental debilitation.

                                                                            * * *

On-screen error message virtually identical to this one fraudulently inserted by real-time cyber-psyop agents as malicious tool of computer sabotage -- "plausibly deniable" censorship-by-proxy tactic intended to torment journalists, bloggers, writers or "activists" targeted by cyberNazis. 

I continue to receive obviously spoofed, phony, counterfeit on-screen messages stating "the printer cannot communicate with the computer," even after I successfully printed out a page written on a word processing program.  I continue to receive instructions to "disconnect and reconnect" the computer and USB cable, and to perform other tasks that have absolutely no effect on the block that's been remotely placed on my ability to generate documents on my printer.  Then another dialog box (in a format that looks like Windows 95, not Windows 7) appears, informing me that the "printer driver is not installed" -- this after an official Windows 7 dialog box told me moments before that the driver is installed. 

I am repeatedly instructed to disable the firewall settings for the printer, which would allow remote computers to access and control my printer.   The apparent intent: to make the user a party to his own computer sabotage.  And printer settings continue to be remotely changed and altered;  I found the USB port setting changed, with a checkmark next to a "virtual port" setting instead of the standard, local USB port. 

Moments after a real Windows 7 dialog box tells me printer 
driver is properly installed, spoofed, counterfeit dialog box (like
this one) using different fonts and graphics tells me otherwise.
Sabotage forces repeat installs/uninstalls, but problem persists.

I am being prevented from printing out important personal documents.  While using a computerized tax program, I found data entries were changed and manipulated in real time.   Boxes I did not check were checked, and data was altered, in one case substituting my wife's name for my name.  THIS IS CRIMINAL SABOTAGE.  Now I wonder whether these cyber-terrorists are altering calculations as well, or facilitating the dissemination of our personal identity data.  


When I turn on the wifi, I receive a screen stating that the password is being sent in an "unsecure" manner.  I have called the Verizon service number to complain about this many times over the course of several years, but nothing changes.  From the tenor of the conversations,  it appears that my calls to all customer service representatives are re-routed to a "psyops unit" manned by Lockheed personnel under U.S. government contract -- part of the pervasive sabotage and financial exploitation of citizens who are extrajudicially "targeted" as "dissidents" or "undesirables" -- or for reasons of hatred or ideology.

This tampering extends to my blog site at  Casual readers cannot see the "post a comment" link because operatives have placed a white field behind the "footer" at the bottom of each blog post, obliterating the link.  And my ability to reformat the background is being defeated.   I change the background color on the template from white to black, click the tab, get an on-screen prompt that the change has been applied -- but when I refresh the page, the white background remains. Content has been censored, with key information and links excised or altered.  Spelling errors and typos often are inserted into my work.  Words I have used have been changed to similes, and entire clauses have been deleted or rephrased, often changing the intended meaning. The apparent intent: to send a subliminal message that I am not in control of my journalism -- that I must submit to an extralegal censorship apparatus.

My articles have been frequently "black holed," made inaccessible via malicious "re-directs" to "page not found" messages. Oftentimes, readers seeking out my articles report that the intended URL simply will not load, resulting in the endlessly rotating "blue circle of death."

And I've just received an analysis from a major website analytics company informing me that this website is missing a key technical web-crawling component required by many major search engines -- a means of "black-holing" my journalism, more censorship via fraud and deception.  The report was received as an email attachment.  That email message has disappeared (or was "disappeared") from my Verizon email inbox.

A fascist security cult uses real-time interception and manipulation of telecommunications and even off-line computing to "censor by proxy" -- actually, censorship via fraud and deception.  Lockheed Martin's operational control of the nation's cell tower radio frequency weapon grid allows it to use wireless radio frequency intrusion technology to intercept and alter, or disable, specific computer functions on ANY "targeted" citizen's equipment, even consumer electronics, regardless of whether the device is connected to the internet.  

This weapon system also incorporates "synthetic aperture radar" surveillance technology that facilitates "through the wall" surveillance and precision-targeting for scalar electromagnetic weapon attack.   The abuse of multibilliondollar weapon systems is enabling an ideology- and hate-driven "social cleansing" of America by an uber-rightwing, theocratic fascist cabal that has seized ultimate control of ALL telecommunications and even off-line computing in America.


Hiding in plain sight:  U.S. gov't turns 
cellular electromagnetic weapon grid 
against extralegally targeted citizens, 
families - covert slow-kill genocide

I am requesting that the FBI immediately address the issue of telecommunications and computer sabotage of extrajudicially "targeted" American citizens by power-abusing elements within the U.S. security apparatus at all levels -- federal, state and local. 

I have done so many times before, to no avail. I am renewing my call for a return to the rule of law in this country, in which powerful elements have eviscerated the rights guaranteed to all American citizens under the U.S. Constitution.

UPDATE, Sat April 13 @ 12 noon:

Apparently, writing this article was another exercise in futility.   I am still being maliciously blocked from using my printer.

There IS one highly significant difference:  

Now, instead of getting the counterfeit graphic with the pictures of a computer tower and a printer -- a graphic that, according to a web image search and my personal experience, pops up with the same artwork but listing different brands of computers -- I get a "plain vanilla" spoofed dialog box with NO graphics, but with a font that resembles that used by genuine Windows 7 error message boxes.

Another obviously counterfeit error message box -- but the fact that it's different appears to me to be a concession that I have caught this malicious psyops operation with its pants down.

Apparently, the operatives and overlords of Lockheed's cyber units don't care of their targets know they are being "psyopped."  To these sadists, that's all the better; the fact that the sabotage continues unabated just adds to their psychopathic satisfaction.  Their mission, after all, is one of censorship, neutralization and torment, and they are achieving the intended results (at least, for now).

I need my printer for very important personal matters having to do with this time of year. I still have not secured my right to use it, and I have been denied that right for YEARS.

UPDATE Sat Apr 13 @ 5pm

In mid-afternoon, after many frustrating, unsuccessful attempts to get my printer to work, I decided to see what would happen if I acceded to the psyops agents' demands to remove the firewall block of remote computer control of the printer.   The unit STILL wouldn't work. These operatives know full well that I purchased an inexpensive printer as a backup, even though I knew that the psyops agents could just as easily hijack that unit as well.  They even suggested that I do so, in a comment to my blogsite.  And once again, I felt compelled to play along with their Kabuki-esque psyop. My liberty already has been taken from me by a covert corporate fascist takeover of all aspects to media and communications, on- or offline.

When I set up the new printer, I did not connect it to the internet -- but the unit was still "online" via the Lockheed/USG radio frequency intrusion technology,  enabled by the cell tower electromagnetic weapon grid, which doubles as "synthetic aperture radar" capable of "through the wall" video and audio surveillance (no cameras or mics needed) and stealth manipulation of any electronic device, from automobiles to Mp3s.

Still attempting to avoid  malware corruption via an internet download,   I used the CD software that came with the printer.   My choice mattered not.  Fact is, the Lockheed/USG cyber regime is totally "wireless" via the RF weapon grid.   When I went to the "port settings" menu, "virtual port" already was checked.  I tried to choose the USB local port -- but the unit would work only when I relented and chose "virtual port."   When I put the check mark by "virtual port," some characters flickered on the screen in a brief flash.  The only word I could make out was the word "PERMISSIONS,"  along with a succession of numbers.  

It is starkly apparent that the censorship regime wirelessly inserted "permissions" software on the computer, giving the cyber units of Lockheed Martin and/or their U.S. government overlords total ultimate control over my computing.  

The cyberNazis could shut me down right now and prevent me from finishing this update -- as they have done many times in the past.  But I cannot let the fear of more censorship dictate the content of my journalism.  Once I do that, all hope of freedom is lost.  And I still retain the hope that America will wake up to the corporate fascist threat within that is stealing liberty -- one pixel, one byte, one milliwatt at a time.

BUT WAIT -- didn't the RF intrusion technology already give that control to the cyberNazis?  YES IT DID.  The whole routine about "port settings" appears to be another psyop (psychological operation) intended to get me, the untamed beast, to acknowledge the stark fact that the cyberNazi regime is in control and that ultimately, I have no power over my use of computers, printers, or any other electronic device for that matter.   These control freaks have inferfered with playback of CDs and Mp3s -- even when the devices were not connected to the internet.  It matters not what the "port settings" say; Big Brother is in charge, and wants us all to CONSCIOUSLY SUBMIT TO GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY TO CENSOR AT WILL.

This is the dictionary definition of authoritarianism -- of fascism.   All computing, all digital communications and media, all usage of electronic devices such as printers, faxes, even copying machines, is subject to this draconian external government control. It's already happened.  The proposals to "toughen up" laws supposedly to protect against the ginned up threat of "cyber-terrorism" are post facto enablements for what's already been done by stealth, by fiat, without the full knowledge or approval of naive or bought-off legislators or electromagnetically entrained officials of the executive branch, up to and including the President.  See "Obama Debate Trance..."

All information technologies are now under the ultimate control of an uber-fascist military-intelligence corporate elite that has usurped the U.S. Constitution, hollowing out the First Amendment, making a mockery of the freedom of speech, expression, association -- and the Fourth Amendment guarantee of freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures.

These cyberNazi units already are literally rewriting history with their malicious corruption of digital content, real-time rewrites and excisions and insertion of typos and errors that I have experienced daily, for years. Soon they will be granted even more legislative power to corrupt and control all forms of expression, speech and THOUGHT under the false flag of fighting the ginned up "war" on cyber-terrorism -- the new terrorist boogeyman.    And which corporation has been chosen to devise the Pentagon's "total information awareness" war plan, largely a domestic war directed against American citizens who dare to "think different", as the old Apple Computer slogan used to say?  

Lockheed Martin -- the IG Farben of a corporate fascist New World Order.

Now that I've written these words, should I fear more recrimination, higher amplitudes of electromagnetic torture, more censorship by proxy, more radio frequency sabotage of the tools of my trade?  Well, as I am writing this, my ears are ringing off the hook and my head is pounding, signs that the Lockheed operatives are upping the amplitude of their torturous daily attacks on my body, and my soul. 

They say the worst form of censorship is SELF-CENSORSHIP.  I refuse to cede to the authoritarians the unalienable rights granted to me by my God and supposedly guaranteed to me under the Constitution.   That's the American Way -- not information fascism.  In the words of Patrick Henry:  "Give me liberty, or give me death."  Or as they say in New Hampshire, "Live free or die."



Federal "threat fusion center" agencies and commands and their state and local law enforcement and corporate partners are conducting an ideology- and hate-driven slow-kill domestic genocide under the false flags of the wars on terror and crime -- enabled by the naivety of those who believe "it can't happen here." 

NOTE:  The formatting of this article is being maliciously tampered with in real-time by a cyber-spy who is mirroring and sometimes overriding my every keystroke -- another example of criminal psyops committed against this journalist and countless others who are extrajudicially persecuted and censored by the Lockheed- administered U.S. government cyber-torture matrix.  

Cyber unit operatives also inserted the word "this" in front of "on-screen message" in the first picture caption -- an apparent effort to make it appear that I misrepresented the source of the graphic.  This pejorative alteration of my work is another example of the criminality of those who are literally rewriting history via covert corruption of digital content.  


Tuesday, April 2, 2013


*  Another frightening episode similar to a long string of alarming incidents of injury and illness that have befallen family members -- too many and too similar in "modus operandi" to be a coincidence.

It happened again overnight -- another elderly family member stricken at her nursing home,  this time, reportedly after she fell in the middle of the night while getting up to go to the bathroom. Another alarming 3 a.m. phone call from nursing home staff, urging the family to permit the home to transport our family member to the hospital.  And now, another family member hopsitalized, this time -- supposedly -- due to a fractured pelvis, a broken rib, and extensive bruising.

This time, it was my mother-in-law, a resident of a Wilmington, DE nursing home.  Three and a half years ago, an almost identical scenario played out involving my late mother, who at the time was a resident of another Wilmington nursing home.   At that time, it was I who made the nighttime drive to be buy her side.   I found her sitting on a gurney in the hospital, fully conscious, able to converse, but with her legs literally shackled, trapped between the metal siderails of the bed.

"WHY ARE THEY PUNISHING ME?"  my mother cried out as she fell sobbing into my arms.

What happened early this morning immediately reminded me of that similar occurrence involving my late mother.   I memorialized that incident in writing;  more on that later.

Last night's middle of the night phone call about my mother-in-law prompted my wife to get dressed and make the hour-long drive to Wilmington.  When she got to the nursing home, she found her mother with bruises and in pain, but fully conscious and able to converse.  The staff urged my wife to permit her mother to be transported to the hospital; my wife complied with the request.

For sure, old people often fall, and sometimes they fall in the middle of the night.   But the circumstances surrounding this event mirror that night in November, 2009 when we received that middle-of-the-night call about my mother, who died (or, in my opinion, was murdered by way of criminal negligence) in March 2010.   In both cases, I believe that silent, invisible attack via the U.S. government electromagnetic radio frequency weapon system deployed on cell towers everywhere -- a domestic torture grid I first exposed in late 2009 -- may have been used to cause our loved ones to fall and to sustain injuries. See U.S. Silently Tortures Americans with Cell Tower Electromagnetic Weapon:

My mother-in-law's current health crisis also comes amidst not-so-veiled threats received via email and in comments to this journalist's blog site at -- and just a couple weeks after my infant grandchild suffered from an eye injury almost identical to the red, swollen pluffy eyelid I had noticed just the night before, on a day when I received blog comments referring to "infant care" and inquiring about my grandchildren -- apparently, "directed messaging" authorized by psyops operatives as part of a malicious campaign of psychological harassment.

Are the same rogue elements who have electromagnetically assaulted, tortured, impaired and harmed me for nearly ten years also preying upon my family members as a cruel, sadistic and psychopathic means of intimidation -- an attempt to silence me by hurting members of my family?   While I cannot provide proof positive, I believe that compelling circumstantial evidence points to that frightening possibility -- and I believe that I am not alone, that many, many other extrajudicially and unjustly "targeted individuals" are subject to similar criminal abuse.

(As I write this account, the computer is jumping in and out of the word processing program, under apparent external control.   As I re-read my work, I have noticed that certain words have been changed, replaced with similes.  Even after I wrote this addendum, the word "urged in the fifth paragraph above was maliciously changed to "implored."  The intent appears to be to let me know that I am not in control of the editing and presentation of what I publish.   This is criminal tampering with interstate telecommunications, and apparently it is being done under the aegis of government. I am attempting to restore my writing to its original form.  I have written many accounts documenting the obvious "hyperjacking" of all of my computers, and external manipulation and control of my internet connection.)

As "Exhibit A" to support my firm belief that my entire family has been targeted for extreme harm (call it slow-kill genocide) by a sinister element of the U.S. military-intelligence complex and Lockheed Martin, the prime contractor that oversees the cell tower radio frequency weapon grid, I present this detailed account written on Nov. 15, 2009, the day after my late mother endured an incident almost identical to what happened to my mother-in-law early this morning.  (NOTE:  my mother was a resident of a different nursing home than the facility housing my mother-in-law.)


• Special Attention:  FBI / DOJ Civil Rights Division Investigators

The government-ordered microwave assaults on this journalist have increased in frequency and intensity in recent weeks as I have continued to expose a heinous nationwide program of extrajudicial targeting and physical and psychological torture... I can't say that I was surprised that my mother was suddenly rushed to a hospital emergency room yesterday morning at the orders of personnel at her nursing home, the Kutz Home for the Aged in Wilmington, DE.

As is typical, I received no notification -- not even when I arrived at the facility about about 4:15 p.m. Saturday for what I thought would be a routine visit.  No word on my mother's hospitalization from the woman at the reception desk when I signed in.  No word from the nurse and aides at the nurse's station near my mother's room -- although I did notice a couple of them looking my way with that tell-tale smirk that telegraphs the message, "I know something you don't know..."

As nursing home nurses and aides watched, I knocked at my mother's door.  When I got no response, I entered the darkened empty room.  I proceeded to the nurse's station to ask where my mother was.  Instead of answering the question, one of the woman hollered to another to get the duty nurse.  A nurse or aide finally said my mother was at the hospital with my sister.  I asked what happened.  After some hesitation, I was told that she "fell on the floor and hit her head."

"How bad," I asked.  "Pretty bad," one of the personnel offered.

"When did this happen?" I asked.  "About noon," I was told.

"Was she unconscious?" I asked.  "You have to talk to your sister," I was told.  (She is my mother's legal guardian.)  "What hospital was she taken to?" I asked.  One of the women said she thought she was taken to the Wilmington division of Christiana Care, but no one would confirm this for me.  Apparently, they had called for an ambulance.

I headed for the front entrance.  When I got to the reception desk, I asked the attendant:  "Was my mother conscious when they took her out?"

Finally, one of several staffers who heard my inquiries displayed some human decency.

"Oh, yeah;  she was sitting up and talking and I said to her, 'We'll see you back soon.'"

I was relieved that finally, I got an indication that this wasn't a critical situation.  I called my sister on the cell phone.  She confirmed that my mother was taken to the Wilmington hospital, and she repeated the story that Mom had fallen and hit her head.  I pressed her for more details, and asked her whether she was still there at the hospital with her.  She did not answered the question, but seemed highly agitated and terminated the conversation.

I arrived at the hospital about ten minutes later.  After a few minute's wait, I was told that I could enter the emergency room treatment area.  I was offered no escort, and was not told what room my mother was in.  Finally, someone directed me to a private room, not the open area where several other patients were clustered, waiting behind drawn curtains.

When I entered the room, I saw my mother sitting on the edge of a hospital bed, her legs immobilized, wedged between the steel side rails -- effectively restrained, in effect, put in a stockade.

She was conscious, talking, her eyes puffy and swollen -- and more than aware of what was happening.  "Oh, Victor," she cried out to me.  "I feel fine," she responded to my inquiry.  They want to X-ray me and said I don't want an X-ray.  WHY ARE THEY PUNISHING ME?"

She sobbed and fell into my arms.  I comforted her, saying, "Mom, don't worry, I'm here to take you home."

An aide was sitting next to my mother's bed.  She told he she had been observing her for two hours, that she was talking and seemed fine, but that "she's agitated."

"I would be agitated, too, if I felt fine and someone tried to force me to undergo medical treatment that I didn't need," I replied.

I told the aide to summon the duty nurse or the attending physician.  When the attending physician intern arrived, I asked him what his examination revealed.  He told he she seemed fine, with no visible bruises or contusions.  He added that because the nursing home reported that she "fell and hit her head," the doctors wanted to perform a CAT scan as a matter of precaution, and due to my mother's medical history (which included at least one other incident markedly similar to what was happening this day).

I asked when my mother was admitted to the ER, and was told it was early that morning -- not "around noon," as I was told at the nursing home.  At that point, my mother had been sitting on the edge of that hospital bed, effectively restrained, for ABOUT 9 HOURS.  NINE HOURS.

What about the apparent discrepancy between the results of the medical examination and the nursing home report that my mother had "hit her head."  The intern again confirmed there were no outward signs of bruising; he said that he and his supervising doctor had "wondered about that, too."  I asked her to note the apparent discrepancy on this report, noting that the trip to the ER had not revealed any evidence of head trauma.  (My mother's room has a hard-tiled floor.)

The doctor agreed that the exam revealed no compelling medical reason for a CAT scan.  I asked the doctor to please discharge my mother immediately.  He said my sister would have to approve.  Fortunately, my sister re-appeared at the hospital a few moments later.  Only at that point did I learn that she had refused to authorize a CAT scan, opting to have my mother kept under observation.  She agreed that after nearly ten hours of observation, my mother should be discharged.

And so it was done.  I drove my mother back to the Kutz home.  As I took her to her room, not one single nurse or attendant inquired as to her condition.  As it was earlier when I first arrived, I was met with silence.

I cannot prove that this entire episode was a manufactured event intended to harass, traumatize and terrorize my mother and her family.  But in my gut, I believe that may be the case.

The incident prompted me to recall another strange finding that I made on a visit to the nursing home a couple of months ago (Sept. 6, 2009).  I was parked next to a dark-color chevy Suburban, apparently used by a nursing home worker.   I happened to glance into the passenger side window of the S.U.V. and I saw printed documents strewn over the floor mats.  I could see that they were printouts of patient names, along with the "medical directive" for each patient.  I could see that most patients' names were accompanied by the printed notation, "DNR" -- do not resuscitate.

The license plate of that vehicle: DELAWARE PC 22834.

Why would medical directive patient information be strewn about the floor of vehicle apparently owned or operated by a nursing home worker?  My reporter instincts tell me that some authority should investigate to determine whether the Kutz Home for the Aged has been infiltrated by law enforcement-protected "community stalkers" who may committing acts of physical abuse and financial crimes such as identity theft and expropriation of patient property.

My reporter instincts also tell me, based on past personal contacts, that the management of this facility may have been infiltrated by this same apparatus, including at the highest levels of on-site management.  It appears that active duty U.S. Army personnel are or have been on staff at this facility, and I wonder aloud whether patients may be the subjects of non-consensual medical "research" or experimentation involving drugs and perhaps, electromagnetic radiation weapon systems. (AUTHOR'S ADDENDUM:  Or is this a covert slow-kill genocide?)

I repeat:  I cannot prove this.  But the good people on the inside who are following my every word on this blog have the ability to gauge whether my concern is warranted.  These officials have access to the truth, if they don't already know the truth.  I again urge conscientious federal officials to investigate my concerns and, if they have not done so already, to dispatch an undercover investigator for on-site duty at the Kutz Home for the Aged.

If officially-authorized non-consensual patient experimentation and abuse are occurring there, how many other medical care facilities nationwide are similarly affected?

The good people on the inside already know my track record as an investigator.   I cannot confirm or dismiss these concerns alone.  PLEASE INVESTIGATE.  If this is happening in Wilmington, DE, it must to happening all across America.  If so -- are certain minority groups singled out for persecution?   Are our elderly being used as guinea pigs for military/intel "research"?  (AUTHOR'S ADDENDUM: Or is this a de facto slow-kill genocide?)  While I cannot provide proof, I am convinced that my concerns warrant the immediate attention of conscientious federal regulators and law enforcement officials.

This is why I again say that health care reform without a restoration of the rule of law and an end to officially-enabled torture and human rights abuses is a cruel joke.

When I returned home after a disturbing afternoon and evening, I tried to relax by watching TV. Sometime after midnight, while watching Saturday Night Live, I was assaulted by a sustained electromagnetic weapon attack to the right front temple that left me feeling woozy, with a heavy sudden-onset headache.  When I awoke this morning, I felt somewhat woozy, my eyes bloodshot, my face somewhat reddened, my eyelids puffy and drooping.  When I looked into the mirror, I saw that the brown discoloration on my right forehead was darker and more pronounced than it was on the previous day.

The torture/slow-kill genocide continues.

POSTSCRIPT: My mother died in March 2010.  Here is a published comment I published ten months after her death on my blog site at

Nov 12, 2010

I believe my mother was murdered by those seeking to demoralize and neutralize me... and I believe that Army personnel were (are?) working at the nursing home that killed her with full-mask Albuterol nebulizer, which is contraindicated for the frail elderly.  This administration of full-mask Albuterol was S.O.P. for this nursing home, which I believe has been a death camp for elderly Jews, administered by rabid Jew-haters who have insinuated themselves into a Jewish-affiliated Medicare facility.

This facility, the Kutz Home in Wilmington, DE, needs to be the subject of a criminal homicide investigation, as well as possible financial crimes against residents by staff.  Over a year ago, I recommended that a mole be installed among staff.  I hope that's been done, and that some entity is probing this institution.  This facility is affiliated with Jewish community institutions. Its executive director has represented herself as being Jewish. She often uses Hebrew phrases in her written communications with her constituents.  I learned in the course of my investigation that she is not Jewish.

There is a genocide going on in America, and its targets parallel the targets of the German Nazis. Prime targets are the political "dissidents" -- anyone who thinks critically, is an opinion leader, and may be perceived as someone who will stand in the way of tyrants.  As Hitler said in Mein Kampf, the one in twenty who pose a threat to the regime -- those are the prime targets of Gestapo USA, along with their families, because that's what eugenicists do.


Federal "threat fusion center" agencies and commands and their state and local law enforcement and corporate partners are conducting an ideology- and hate-driven slow-kill domestic genocide under the false flags of the wars on terror and crime -- enabled by the naivety of those who believe "it can't happen here." 

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