Thursday, February 11, 2016


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Lockheed Martin cyber unit: covert net censors for
U.S. mil-intel agencies/commands
This journalist has railed for years against the covert telecom/net censorship and content tampering regime run out of Lockheed Martin cyber units nationwide at the behest of U.S. military agencies and commands -- most notably, U.S. Cyber Command and U.S. Air Force Space Command.  

But no matter how much I rant about it, the regime continues to impose draconian ideological and political censorship on the social media content of journalists and other so-called "influencers". The censorship regime also maliciously tampers with internet content produced by journalists, media outlets and individual citizens, as I have documented in many published articles.

Now comes not-so-veiled published hints that the cyberNazis may soon move to shut down this website under false pretexts.  

Covert radio frequency directed energy spynet/weapon:
deployed on celltowers everywhere
It's happened to me before; from 2007 through 2013 I published dozens of articles at exposing a covert multi-agency/command domestic slowkill genocide of supposed "dissidents" or "undesirables" -- using a celltower- and satellite-based radio frequency directed energy (RFDE) electromagnetic weapon grid to spy on, "no-touch" torture, force-sleep and physically harm targeted Americans and their families. An updated version of my main article is published on this site:

Entrepreneur Michael Tippett:
Canadian sold out
to rightwing mogul -- who killed it was founded by Canadian entrepreneur Michael Tippett as a "crowd-sourced" outlet for the enterprising work of "citizen journalists". I was among a handful of experienced mainstream media journalists who found it a convenient and well-read outlet for my journalism. NowPublic was sold in September 2009 to Clarity Digital Group, an investment company owned by rightwing financier Phillip Anschutz, overlord of the Anschutz Corp., perhaps best-known for its subsidiary, Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), operators of sports and entertainment venues. At the time of the sale of NowPublic, I expressed my concern that the new ownership would quietly work to dismantle and its global network of contributing journalists -- which it eventually did:

Investment mogul Philip Anschutz:
accomplice to mil-intel censorship?
NowPublic continued to operate even as its staff shrank as a result of a series of layoffs and other cost-cutting moves. Then, one day in late December 2013, NowPublic was taken offline. Disappeared. Contributors, even off-site editors, got no advance notice, no "heads up".  The Anschutz overlords just shut it down. URLs of articles published on the site suddenly redirected to a "404 Page Not Found" notice under the banner of, another Anschutz operation.  Some of the articles I published at were posted to the "Wayback Machine" at the website  but I have been blocked from accessing those archived versions --  apparently another brazen act of censorship. WayBack Machine:
journo can't access his
articles; can you? Let me know
I've long suspected that by buying and dismantling, the Anschutz company was doing the bidding of U.S. military intelligence, which continue to operate a clandestine telecommunications censorship and content tampering regime. The censorship regime is administered by cyberwar units of Lockheed Martin, the world's largest defense contractor and a major IT contractor of the U.S. government.

The Anschutz operation that shut down apparently has reneged on published promises by the previous owner that site content remained the property of its creators, promises that comport with intellectual property copyright laws of Canada and the United States.  The owners of intellectual property taken down by the Anschultz organization no longer have access to their published work.  In my case, digital copies of my articles disappeared from my computers -- the result of apparent sabotage by way of radio frequency weapon intrusion technology that can remotely cyberjack any electronic device, any computer, even if the device is not physically connected to the internet.  Hard copy printouts of articles I published at have vanished from my home files. (I have written about repeated instances of home intrusions, wanton vandalism of property and home systems, and theft of items ranging from personal memorabilia to electronic equipment such as an expensive and rare phongraph turntable cartridge.)

And now come the veiled threats to shut down  Blogspot and are now owned and operated by Google, the internet behemoth.  I believe it is both relevant and significant that I have yet to receive any remuneration whatsoever from advertising posted to this website.  My recent attempts to access information and data on advertising revenues related to this site have been unsuccessful.  As I have written many, many times, my web navigation is sabotaged in real-time and I am often denied access to information related to my web accounts.  It also appears that data often is doctored, manipulated or outright fabricated by censorship regime operatives. And I have received no notices or communications related to this website via U.S. mail; it is painfully apparent that my snail mail also is subject to censorship, tampering and theft.  Repeated complaints to the the U.S. Postal Service have come to naught, as have my multiple requests to local police for an investigation of the community "gangstalkers" who serially violate my civil rights.

NOTE: The link to my article on extra-legal citizen targeting (below) has been SABOTAGED. It is taking readers to a dead page.  I have tried to restore the link. If this veiled censorship persists, I will be forced repost the entire story again. THIS IS FASCIST MIL-INTEL CENSORSHIP. 

My article on state-sponsored community "gangstalking" hiding behind community policing programs: 

The takedown of and the disappearing of contributor content have harmed thousands of writers and authors around the world.  I also believe sufficient grounds exist for a class action lawsuit against the Anschutz organization and its assigns.  

I reside in the suburbs of Philadelphia, a city whose legal community has earned a reputation for dogged ferocity. The censorship regime's nearly "full lid" on my ability to freely communicate with area professionals has impeded my efforts to seek justice; I urge legal eagles who happen to read this missive to attempt to contact me at my email address,  Unfortunately, the censorship regime routinely purges my incoming email -- but please try to get through, or post contact information to and, my Twitter handle. My snail mail address is P.O Box 91, Morrisville PA 19067 -- but again, community thugs and/or rogue operatives steal and sabotage my communications with no apparent fear of reprisal.

In the meantime, I intend to again start publishing more new material in this space, lest my persecutors attempt to claim that this site is no longer active.  I urge all readers to try to to communicate with me; over the past decade, I have received very few pieces of correspondence of any type, including email.

Until the next time, that's it from the Bucks County, PA division of the American Gulag.