Monday, August 6, 2012


This veteran journalist long ago concluded that the spate of mass murder shootings in the wake of 9/11 are likely fronted by mind-controlled Manchurian Candidate patsies, who are programmed to commit murderous rampages as part of an ideology- and hate-driven campaign of 'social cleansing' under the false flags of the "wars" on terror and crime.  

Such acts of social chaos also serve to justify suppression of  of civil liberties and a crackdown on so-called "dissidents" -- and to justify multibilliondollar contracts to military, intelligence and homeland security defense contractors.  

I have reported that Lockheed Martin, the world's largest defense contractor, based in Bethesda, Md., maintains operational command and control of a U.S. government elctromagnetic radio frequency weapon system, deployed on cell towers everywhere, that is capable of altering human physiology and neurological functioning of its precision-targeted victims -- potentially, an instrument of "mind control" and silent, invisible entrainment, impairment, and even "slow-kill" murder.

The (Monday, Aug. 6) revelation that the alleged Wisconsin Sikh temple shooter was formerly assigned to a U.S. Army psyops (psychological operations) unit at Fort Bragg, N.C. appears to be a breakthrough moment, a palpable admission that the so-called "conspiracy theorists" may be right: that a cancerous element granted safe harbor in certain secretive and cultish U.S. agencies and commands -- and among the ranks of their military contractors -- may be the insidious, treasonous force behind highly publicized mass killings, as well as the covert electromagnetic weapon torture of untold thousands of Americans who are heinously persecuted as "dissidents," undesirables, or classified as mentally ill or a danger to society. 

In the prescient 1998 movie Enemy of the State, the FBI swoops down upon a fascist element within to save the day, at least for the moment.  But as the film notes in its final scene, the forces of social repression and authoritarian control remain in place, ready to strike again at the heart of liberty.  

The FBI, given its past history of "Cointelpro" civil liberties abuses, is not exempt from criticism that its policies and procedures have contributed to the creation of what has been referred to as "Gestapo USA."  But FBI also has served as a convenient whipping boy, a scapegoat, for the greater sins of the homeland-mil-intel security cult.  

Could it be that the FBI is finally waking up to the REAL threat within?  See:


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Friday, August 3, 2012


NOTE:  Since an earlier version of this article was first published, the author has concluded that America's network of some 70 Homeland Security- administered "fusion centers" coordinates and, via U.S. government prime cyber-contractor Lockheed Martin, executes the extrajudicial persecution and financial exploitation of many thousands of Americans...

...citizens who have been unjustly targeted for their politics, their activism, their ethnic or racial background, or because some of those in positions of authority can easily abuse constitutionally suspect programs supposedly devised to fight terrorism and crime. 

These programs of personal destruction were spawned or vastly expanded under the presidency of George W. Bush -- but have been allowed to continue under the Obama administration, which has left Bush-Cheney "leave-behinds" in key government positions.

ALSO: The links contained in this article have been maliciously deactivated, apparently by a covert censorship regime I have exposed HERE:

Could government "targeting" of American citizens outside the bounds of the judicial system be one of the root causes of the nation's plunge into a protracted recession?

Victims of  community-based harassment by community policing and neighborhood watch vigilantes -- often referred to as government-sponsored  "gang stalking"  -- claim that federal and local government agencies involved in intelligence, security, law enforcement, and revenue collection, with the cooperation of the private sector, have established a network of secret programs aimed at destroying the financial well-being of extrajudicially "targeted individuals."  Many of these persecuted citizens have been targeted  for reasons of politics, ideology or hate -- denied due process under the law as their financial resources are systematically expropriated.

These programs allegedly involve the interception of mail;  surveillance, interception and alteration of telecommunications, including telephone and internet communications; fabrication and inflation of bank, credit card, mortgage, utility and other billing statements; surreptitious manipulation of personal and business bank and mortgage accounts, including serial double-billing schemes and organized identity theft -- enabled by the refusal of local police and federal agents to investigate complaints from "targeted individuals."  So-called "targeted individuals" also report that they are routinely overcharged at retail stores, and suspect that military contractor operatives who observe their movements 24/7 via high-tech surveillance remotely manipulate the Universal Price Code (UPC) system so that they are overcharged on purchases.

NOTE:  The author notes that a paragraph about  re-directs of telephone calls from extrajudically targeted citizens to business, utility and government customer service lines was deleted from this article -- an apparent act of censorship. Virtually every time this obviously "targeted" journalist calls a customer service line, he hears two distinct telephone beeps which apparently correspond to the pulse tones "7" and "8" on the telephone keypad -- an indication the call is being redirected. The call is then answered by a supposed customer service representative who is typically rude, unhelpful, and whose intercession makes matters worse, not better.  

Victims theorize that these "programs of personal destruction" are a derivative of past controversial government programs such as Cointelpro and Total Information Awareness. They maintain that the enactment of sweeping laws such as the USA Patriot Act, passed by Congress in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has emboldened those who would use the powers of the state to restrict civil liberties and sabotage personal finances as a tool of social control.

In effect, victims say, a secret parallel system of transaction processing has been established for persons targeted by government agencies. Victims allege that the goal is to destroy their capacity to earn a living and to support themselves and their families. They maintain that these "mechanics of personal destruction" closely resemble the tactics employed by pre-war Nazi Germany in its campaign against the Jews and other targeted groups, such as those deemed to be political "dissidents."

Victims charge that these programs also are designed to degrade their physical health, with health care professionals sometimes pressured to cooperate. Citizen vigilantes affiliated with government-funded community policing and "watch" groups are deployed to harass and intimidate those targeted by these government programs, victims charge.

Many victims of extra-legal targeting also maintain that they come under silent attack from a U.S. government electromagnetic radio frequency radiation "directed energy" weapon system deployed on cell towers everywhere that can induce pain, weakness, fatigue, mood changes, injury, illness, and, over time, death -- what victims describe as a "slow-kill genocide." 

Silent electromagnetic attacks on "targeted individuals" and their families also provide cover for home intrusions by "black ops" community-based operatives.  This cell tower- mounted weapon system, exposed by this journalist nearly three years ago, can irradiate targets with radio frequencies that induce a deep sleep state.  Victims say they are "kept under" as intruders rifle through personal files, altering and falsifying records, sometimes leaving behind forged copies of bills that already have been paid.  Victims allege that intruders also forge handwritten financial documents such as check stub records -- "disappearing" documentation of payment. The victim thus has no proof of payment when he is double-billed.  

Officials in the private sector are believed to have knowledge of some of these programs, since their cooperation is key to the functioning of the system. Victims charge that the government is using national security and the "war on terror" as a pretext to secure the cooperation of corporations and businesses. But they say it's also possible that the civilian overseers of these agencies, as well as civilian operatives, have been kept in the dark about the most nefarious aspects of these programs.

Victims say that government bailouts and supervision of failed and financially troubled investment houses and insurers facilitates financial exploitation by rogue elements of government.

Those who say they have been victimized by these programs are calling upon Congress to immediately convene hearings on unconstitutional, extra-legal abuses of power carried out under the direction of government agencies -- what they see as an unraveling of the American constitutional democracy and a descent into a corporate-fascist police state.