Wednesday, November 22, 2017


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UPDATE: Less than a month after the article below was published, our washing machine failed, apparently the result of remote and community-based sabotage coordinated by the Newtown, Bucks County PA wing of Lockheed Martin cyber ops -- the logistical backbone of a covert hate-fueled grassroots fascist slowkill American genocide.  The sabotage of this appliance, just the latest piece of personal property to be targeted by this venal Gestapo, is my apparent punishment for posting the following account:

Soon after our 2009 GE top-loader washing machine began to emit loud grinding noises during the initial agitation cycle, I took off the machine's front access panel to investigate and found what looked like damaged metal parts -- little steel balls, metal fragments, metal thread and shards -- littering the unit's sheet metal bottom  (see photo below).

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that two loose metal rings had been inserted around the machine's main drive shaft. The basket bushing housing was missing one of two screws, strongly suggesting the unit may have been tampered with.  

Despite the metal-on-metal scraping sounds during the agitation cycle (but curiously, not during the rinse-and-spin modes) the machine ran though all cycles and delivered clean laundry.  

At first blush, the "evidence" would seem to indicate a mechanical failure.  But I suspected, and soon confirmed, the evidence was fake -- apparently planted by #gangstalker hate cult saboteurs, serial home invaders who have terrorized me and my family for the past fifteen years in Lower Makefield Township, Bucks County PA under the coordination of covert cyberwar operatives of Lockheed Martin, the nation's largest defense and information technology (IT) contractor.

Over the past fifteen years, I've experienced similar cases of electrical and electronics equipment and appliance failure. I believe now that in at least some cases, appliances and computer gear were sabotaged or disabled -- in some cases, by remote radio frequency cyberweapon technology (see my article at 

In the past, we've gone out and bought new units, causing us much expense and grief -- and to the financial benefit of the merchants and stores with whom we've dealt, along with the gangstalker goons who arrange to "salvage" discarded but serviceable appliances that can be sold for profit or gifted to fellow gangstalkers or relatives (often the same people). 

As I've chronicled in many past articles (see links) community vigilantes operating under the auspices of "citizen watch" and "community policing" organizations serially persecute and financially sabotage extralegally targeted citizens and entire families who have been deemed by elements of the U.S. military and law enforcement to be "dissidents" or "undesirables". 

The "street muscle" -- members of a citizen militia apparently reinforced by paid miscreants and parolees -- have no fear of running afoul of the law because their "team leaders" know they are an extralegal paramilitary domestic army under the coordination of Lockheed cyber operatives, with tentacles extending into every city, town and village in the nation. 

Almost without exception, local law enforcement defers to this extralegal quasi-military gestapo, some police chiefs and officers apparently fearful that if they do not acquiesce to vigilantism, they, too, will become "targets". See my main article on state-sponsored community vigilante "gangstalking" domestic terrorism: 



How am I so sure my screeching washing machine and similar appliance failures over the years reflect the nationwide debasement of the rule of law by this extralegal terror gestapo? Read my past articles and the related articles linked therein at: 



Then consider the chronology of events surrounding this vigilante "Washer-gate":

1) I removed the extraneous metal balls and slivers as well as the intact but loose metal rings around the drive shaft, then ran the machine. It went through all the cycles. The loud metal-on-metal banging noise persisted at regular intervals -- but only on the agitation portion of the wash cycle. The machine operated normally on the other cycles, including the rinse and spin cycles.

2) I scoured the internet for reports from other GE washer owners of similar noise problems on the wash cycle.  Several owners reported that a bent-in bottom panel could cause the transmission pulley to contact the steel bottom, causing a cyclical loud, banging metal-on-metal grinding noise.

3) I then removed the front panel, carefully tilted the machine back against the wall and, with a hammer, banged out a couple of high spots on the unit's steel bottom.

4) I ran the machine through a complete cycle. The metal-on-metal screech was gone. The machine ran like new.

So how did the foreign rings, steel balls, shards and metal floss get inside our washing machine? 

As for the rings I found encircling the main drive shaft, those objects had to have been "introduced" into the unit -- perhaps while we were away; or just prior to delivery of the appliance; or perhaps while we were sleeping upstairs. As I have reported in part articles, the radio frequency directed energy cyberweapon grid is capable of "neuromodulation" -- the remote manipulation and alteration of the human nervous system. This weapon system can remotely induce a deep-sleep trance -- or deliver an injurious or fatal electromagnetic radiation attack; see my article at:

Now if only I could get local, state and federal law enforcement to stop gangstalker home intrusions enabled by Lockheed Martin RFDE radio frequency directed energy cyberweapon technology.  (Local and federal law enforcement have refused repeated pleas, some delivered in person, for a hate crimes investigation.)  

Empirical evidence indicates the covert radio frequency cyberweapon technology can remotely manipulate door dead bolts and dead-bolt locks by way of the electromagnetic force generated by the celltower and satellite cyberweapon grid.  I am among only a small number of experienced journalists to expose this awesome RFDE directed energy cyberweapon grid, which has nationwide -- and worldwide -- reach; see: 



For a full index of the articles I have written on this and related subjects since 2009, see the right-hand column at my website,




Lizzy said...

Hi Vic, It's me Bet KAY from Messenger, Am using your suggestion to ensure that at least something gets through privately to you before creating info which I can copy and paste to this area, reducing online time. There are multiple layers to my issues and a lot to cover. Bottom line is though, do I have enough time or are "they" going to complete dispatchment before I provide evidence to stop down any gain of assets - i.o.w. there will be no reward in this for our powers that be or contractors. It is the most and possibly the only thing I can do to contribute to thwarting the shocking abuses of T.I.'s and their animals and loved ones too. Have resurrected an old email account to which you can reply. It is gmail, so no guarantees there either. Amazing how those online faxes ex gmail account to taxation department disappeared - thank goodness for the online service provider's dashboard!!!! I hope you are not under as much extreme attack as when I last read here a few weeks ago. It is so true there is "Nowhere to Hide".

Vic Livingston said...

#RFDE neuroweapon attack this am so severe that it literally drove me back into bed, after I had a full hours' sleep. This is ENSLAVEMENT via radio frequency neuroweapon attack. And it's not just physical -- it's financial, as the above account documents. The hate cult rules the streets in the entire Pa-NJ-DE region, and beyond. The only way to stop this is to expose it.

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Anonymous said...

My washer is eight yrs old, so is probably on borrowed time. Dryer too. Furnace blew out in the fall, and needs $4k to fix, but haven't done it yet. Was a little cold this winter. But hey - the Eagles won this weekend. Things are Looking Up.

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WetSuit said...

Hi Vic,

After stumbling on your blog, I've re-visited a few times to see what you've been up to. I think you're wrong about the so-called mil-intel aspect of this.

The NSA, CIA, etc don't have a clue. They're all being kept in a walled garden, most are old (since the govt never age discriminates) - and they simply tap the corporate surveillance system when they need to catch a crook. In fact, I'd theorize that they get a tap on the shoulder whenever some non-citizen is trying to climb up a rock on the beach somewhere. The corporate surveillance system is everywhere, and sees far more than any NSA/mil operation's collection system. 1000x more. Those guys have it easy, just waiting in a room in Langley for the convenient phone call, telling them when to look at their computer screen to see that silly guy on the rock.

This country is run by a corporate cartel (that part of your theory probably has some major truth in it) - but the corporates are making fools of rank-and-file mil/intel personnel. Don't believe me?

A lot of these guys hang out at If you can read through their linguistics (if anybody can do that, you can), you'd probably come to the same conclusion that I just theorized. They're so befuddled by the walled garden that I feel sorry for them. Every once in a while a group of two or three of them will slip back into a story that obviously happened in WWII. They say they can't make private phone calls because of all the corporate cameras. How could they do anything, really? They think they can turn their cell phones off, and have many other shake-your-head beliefs. Never thought I'd feel sorry for some NSA operative, but I'm beginning to feel actually embarrassed for them.

I used to think you were just plain crazy. But - you're not entirely that way. You do like to grandstand a little (a lot). Oh well.

You used to get hundreds of comments. WTH?

Vic Livingston said...

To Wet Suit: I agree that the corporate fascists are at the top of the torture "disposition matrix" totem pole -- but it couldn't happen without Deep State complicity. Mil-intel white hats are fighting a brave battle to keep America from going totally fascist. But electromagnetic enslavement informs me that we're almost there. As for the paucity of comments, I attribute that to extreme censorship and redirects. "Real people" can't get through the matrix filter. So I'll assume you're one of the white hats who can... Peace out.

Karen Massari said...

Quiet in here.

Anonymous said...

Could hear a pin drop Karen. Ever hear of entangled photons?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The world's most pressing issue will be AI - but not as AI in a vacuum by itself. The problem will be AI (artificial intelligence) used in combination with quantum computers and quantum properties. Even Elon Musk alludes to this, albeit his thoughts about the matter seem conflicting - at least to my mind. IIRC, Elon felt so strongly about this matter that he starred in the film Transcendence. Transcendence was brutalized with pseudo science, but it was one of only a few films to at least tangentially recognize some of the issues coming shortly to society. I expect that he was willing to lend a hand for that reason.

Vic's crazy posts are not 100 percent off target. His cell phone towers do indeed represent one part of a potential future problem - especially as 5G is rolled out. 5G is a very big issue, and the regulations are not paying any attention to it. Regulation is needed, to prevent the upscale of ERP (effective radiated power) - that its creators intend to use.

Our predicament starts with our adoption of electrical power in the late 1800s. At that time we began the process of putting ourselves into little cages of wires (the ones in the walls), and thus we enveloped ourselves inside of strong electromagnetic fields. These cages had bars that radiated energy, albeit not much of it was correlated or "entangled" ... It's known for about a hundred years now that as photons become more energetic, the probability of quantum state entanglement increases. A black body at zero degrees Kelvin emits no significant entangled quantum energy.

So, how do Vic's stories make at least a little sense? Let's delve further ... there's more to come ...

Anonymous said...

Einstein lied. A few of his closest collaborators lied too. They knew that the future of humanity depended on the lie.

The lie was that entangled photons could not be used for quantum communication beyond the verification function (crypto). They bought us about a hundred years, those kind gentlemen. But, it's no more, as the technology centers are exploding with AI and AI support technologies all built around a quantum - also known as a photon, and in particular entangled ones - trillions and trillions of them - spewed out into the sky.

Any animal (dog, cat, horse, gorilla, human) that catches these photons with the special receptors that reside in the eyes becomes "entangled" (pun intended) - with the quantum computer which at quantum speeds scans a quantum memory of correlated, split-off photons. The trick was not in single photon pairs, but in trillions of similarly entangled photons. This was the Einstein misdirection, done on purpose, to give us another hundred years. But, no more.

Vic could actually be correct about his towers. They could be sources of the photon spew, but there are many other ways it can be done.

The photons exist in an atomic resonance band (a window) at infrared wavelengths less than about 1.3 micro meters. This is fortuitous, as a pair of welder's glasses conveniently blocks those wavelengths. I have personally experimented with this setup, and have obtained reasonably encouraging results. They are available in fashionable form factors that look more like sun glasses. Can't see red with them, so need to exercise caution at stop lights and pedestrian crossings.

More to come ...

Wetsuit said...

If two people sit at a table and hold a highly radioactive wafer between them, such that each person looks at it and also at the other person, they will, if they sit there long enough, begin to read each other's thoughts. Unfortunately, the radioactivity needed would probably kill them.

Such a wafer fires a pair of entangled photons, one in a direction towards the person holding the wafer, and another photon exactly in the opposite direction. It affords, after a sufficient time, "quantum communication" - which, when of biological origin, is telepathy.

Several Chernobyl victims were thought to have strange ESP like powers before they died. This same effect can be created with lasers. Since about 2001, technology to produce entangled photons with lasers has mushroomed. To control the entire population with implanted thoughts of the "subliminal" kind, it would only be necessary to put electronic versions of the "radioactive wafers" on towers in convenient places around populations centers, or in commercial establishments of various kinds.

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Wetsuit said...

Eric Blair could likely see the future. This seems to be possible (is implied by) the same theory that floats the understanding of photon entanglement. What Eric saw as "doublethink" was really based on the transience of entangled photon induced thought trains. The organic structures in the eye and brain that retain (keep alive) entangled photons are only able to do it for around 15-20 minutes (artificially in the lab it's been done for up to 30 minutes).

These data-trains are not related to anything else in the brain, so unless there is a conscious connection made for some other reason (multiple people talking about the same thing, for instance) - the thought trail fades in 15 minutes (is forgotten). These trains are superimposed initially. This is really how doublethink works, where an illogical sequence of "facts" can be observed as reasonable. Most of the subliminal stuff is very transient. So, for instance, you could be induced to buy something in the store, via photon entanglement superimposition. Later, at home, you'd have no recollection of the driving thoughts for the purchase. Neat for business, eh?

wettersuit said...

Now for an even more amazing fact. They have found a way, with lasers, to "entangle" trillions of photons all at once. Some of this info comes from professional journal excerpts bibliographed from European Space agency articles. Believe me when I say they don't put this stuff out in "One Hippopotamus, Two Hippopotamus" style writings for people to easily digest. But - it's there if you're persistent, and have a little physics background. The goal is "Type I civilization" - of a style that Raymond Kurtzweil might appreciate. Everything is on the DL (downlow) until they achieve it. What they call a "Type I civilization", I call global totalitarianism.

So, the amazing thing about entangling trillions of photons all at once? It is possible to "group control" large swaths of space, and make people behave within that space as a single organism, with the same photon implanted thoughts directed to each individual. Groups under such control literally buzz like a hive, "acting out" in the most strange and peculiar ways, not knowing (exactly) what they're doing, and forgetting it all in about twenty minutes. Think about the power here (but not for the people).

evenwettersuit said...

To be fair, Kurtzweil may not believe in a Type I civilization (I don't know him or his beliefs - only his books) - but his books speak to something called the "singularity" - which is something I cannot perceive could happen without including all of the worst attributes of a type I civilization. In each case, IMO, individualism is lost completely. A "singularity" type of ONENESS is equivalent to TOTALITARIANISM in my book, if I were to write one. He claims the singularity is very near. I believe him, and I think it's driven by photons.

wettersuit said...

Do RK's books embrace the singularity or not? I wonder about the man's personal views on this. His books seem to have a tunnel-vision grasp of the matter, emphasizing the perceived good, which I personally think is zero, and ignoring the obvious (in my mind anyway) bad.

The human eye gathers about twice the breadth of wavelength needed for vision and processing images. The other half (non vision part) has to do with, among other things, geo-navigation (rat sense). This is the same thing that exists in most other animals, but that has been especially noted in coyotes and birds. Unlike GPS (good for tens of feet) - this rat sense is good for a millionth of an inch or better. The eyes of all animals contain receptors that retain the correlated data of entangled photons that exists in the "unseen" band. These can be used to track people with unprecedented accuracy.

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Anonymous said...

Photon emitters are set at the entrance to many commercial buildings. I.E, grocery stores, bookstores, banks, and the like. These are tied to quantum memories, and seriously mess with what's in people's heads. It's all a mad dash to the "singularity" - which is total enslavement/totalitarianism. Once "connected" to the quantum memory, the image in the quantum memory can be modified to simultaneously change the correlated photons in people's heads, and thus their thoughts. These photons live about 15 minutes if not refreshed. The glasses prevent the refresh.

The lure is that the mind interference seems benign to many people now. But, the goals are quite clear. Wear those welder's specs/glasses - they're available in fashion styles that look quite good on the beach. The darker the green, the better, since the photons are 1.25 microns and down from there (mostly lower than that). So, the greener, the better.

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